Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Whats Happening in the Lions Club World!

The finishing  touch!!

Great to hear about the progress being made at the River Grove Lions park project! The wonderful news! The addition of a Sensory Path is a fantastic idea to provide a unique and engaging experience for the community. It's great to see that the project is nearing completion and the finishing touches, like the landscaping, will add the final polish. Here's hoping for good weather to ensure a smooth installation.

Once completed, the River Grove Lions park project will be a lovely and inviting space for students and visitors alike to enjoy.

What is a sensory path ? How is it used?

A sensory path is a physical pathway with various sensory activities designed to help children regulate their sensory systems and improve their focus and behavior. It is used in schools, playgrounds, therapy centers, and other environments to provide a fun and engaging way for children to engage in sensory integration activities. The path typically includes activities such as jumping, balancing, crawling, and other movements that help improve children's sensory processing abilities.

For More Information about lions ....Visit our website: https://river-grove-lions-club.webflow.io/a

Sunday, March 5, 2023


 The River Grove Lions Park project is almost complete.

Playground equipment upgrade is complete .
The sensory path for visually challenged is in the final stages and landscaping is scheduled for warm spring weather.

Thanks to the cooperation of The Village of River Grove, Leyden High School teen's and our Lions members and families. Work is almost completed. 
An ADA recreation project to be enjoyed by our community and physically challenged  visitors.
A Community service project of the River Grove Lions

We serve is the motto of the River Grove Lions since 1949

Monday, January 23, 2023

Things You Need to Know About

Things  to Know About Your 

River Grove Lions Club Community Activities!

Serving the Community since 1949

The River Grove Lions Club was the proud sponsor of the Rhodes School poster drawing contest

Shown is the display of winning posters on display at the River Grove Village Hall

The Theme for the  contest was "RESPECT" 

Congratulations to all of our student artists for partcipating

All grades participated and our judges panel chose the artist winners from each category

The winning prizes for each category was a pizza party for the artiste class 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022


 Hello Lions & Our Friends,in the Lion’s Community

 It's time again for our popular Super Bowl Pool. 


Each pool square cost $50. and there are 10 ways to win money each quarter. (see rules below). We always sell out two pools each year so you can purchase squares in both pools if you like.


 Pay by cash or checks only to the members that are collecting donations. (see below).   

Squares will be sold at our club's Christmas Dinner on December 7th. 

If you will be not be attending the dinner and you want squares please notify one of the Pool Collectors. 



After all 100 squares of the pool are sold, the stubs are drawn at random and entered onto the Pool sheets.


PAY OUTS - Each square you purchase will give you 10 chances to win in the first three quarters and the final score of the game. (40 possible chances for the entire game).

Payouts for both Pools are .........


$500. each Quarter Winner (3 quarters and Final Score).

&200. for the four quarters Reverse Score.


$25. each quarter for the eight (8) squares that surround and touch the Winning Score square. 

(The four corner Squares do not carry over to the other side.) 


If you want a square, contact one of the following collectors...


Lion Brent Leder - 708-906-5654 

Lion Joe Giovenco - 708-774-8459

Lion Brock Leder - 708-878-3624


Cash or check can be given to a Collector, 

Checks mailed or dropped off in my secure mail box at 

Lion Brent,Keeper of the Squares

2506 Wood St, 

River Grove.Il ,60171


All squares must be paid as soon as possible. 

Any squares not paid by the beginning of the game will revert back to the club.

Have a Safe & Merry Holidays. Stay warm.



Lion Brent

Keeper of the Squares








Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Why be a Lion??????

100 years of service
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Why join a Lions Club?
For Many Members Lionism is a Transformational Experience. Being involved in Lionism is like a journey. People join Lions for many reasons. Some because they may have been helped by Lions, some because of a family member or friend invited them, and some because it's part of their very nature to volunteer.

Why be a River grove Lion?     

Here are some  reasons:

* Make a difference our community

*Enjoy a rewarding experience and Make new friends.

* Learn, grow and share as a family..Lions clubs offer opportunities for families to volunteer together. 

* Develop young leaders.By engaging youth, Lions are helping to develop strong leaders for the future.